The Mobley Family | John Mark, Rebecca, Elle, and Jack

January 03, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Such a beautiful family!

It's always an adventure with the Mobleys! I wouldn't trade a minute that I get to spend with them, because they are full of hilarious moments. Elle rules the roost and her personality shines more and more with each passing session! The lace dress she is wearing is absolutely gorgeous! It makes those pretty, blue eyes sparkle!

I enjoyed watching and laughing at Elle interact with Jack! She loves to give him kisses!

Jack is sitting up alone and is one of the strongest little guys I know. He is a champ at tummy time and can hold his head and chest up pretty high! Of course, this was over a month or two ago so I am sure he is doing much more now! 

Check out a few of their Christmas photos below!












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