Becoming a Thomas | Wright + Thomas Wedding

January 25, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

So much joy and love went into the Thomas Wedding!

Family and friends pitched in to make Casey and Whitney's day very special. The groom's cake was made by my Mama, while the boutonniere's were created from points off of a deer Casey shot. What a cool way to incorporate the things Whitney and Casey love! Mostly, Casey, I reckon :) 

Casey is an avid deer hunter, who loves all things redneck :) haha I can say that because we are "family".  Whether we are blood kin or not, Jack, Wanda, and Casey (and now Whitney) will always be my family! Casey has made Whitney into a country girl, who loves to eat fish, hunt, and loves anything outdoors. These two are perfect for each other and compliment each other well. The first few times I met Whitney, I had a feeling she would be a part of this family whether she wanted to or not! 

She told me she knew that she wanted a man just like Casey. In fact, I think I can say she knew she wanted to marry Casey early on. Whitney is such a sweet girl with the kindest, most genuine heart.  I guess that's why God created a love for people in her heart. All I hear is sweet things about her from co-workers and patients. We are lucky to have her join our family, but she is just as lucky to be marrying into our wild crew! 

Cheers to Whitney and Casey! Love you guys! Of course, I couldn't just post a few, because this day was full of so much fun! 





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