The Strong Family

September 27, 2016  •  2 Comments

Friends, photographs, and boiled peanuts made for a great day with the Watson and Strong families! :)

Deanne, an old childhood friend of mine, and her husband DJ brought their first child into the world at the beginning of August, weighing 8lbs 3 oz and measuring 20 inches long! As a gift to this sweet couple on the arrival of their baby, her sister, Dayna contacted me about gifting them a non-traditional session! I was so excited to meet Malia Rae for our photo session! When these were taken she was around 6 weeks old, so she was awake and alert to everything going on around her! Though this was not an ordinary day for Maila, she was a little angel baby! 

I love when I get to photograph a family from the beginning and watch their steps along the way, especially when it's a old friend of mine. I photographed DJ and Deanne's engagement session, bridal portraits, wedding, and now their sweet arrival of Malia Rae. 

To say the Watson family (Deanne's family) is sweet, caring, and loving would be a total understatement. The Watson's always go above and beyond to not only make me feel comfortable, but most importantly loved and welcomed into their family. I cannot leave them without a little something extra to take home. This time I left with a container of freshly boiled peanuts, which were delicious! As I went to scoop out a handful, I noticed there was a small ziplock bag under the first row. I pull it out to find some cash left there by Deanne's father!  How thoughtful, yet sneaky! LOL :) 

Enough of my special moments and memories with this family and onto the photos, right? :) Okay.. check out a few photos from there Monday afternoon session!








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