The Herndon Family

September 26, 2016  •  Leave a Comment



Not only did the Wilson's weather the storm with me last weekend, the Herndon's were right there along with them! I am impressed that these two families decided to go ahead with the sessions through the rain! Like the Wilson's, we had to stick under the awnings at Sundown Farms, but we still got some awesome photos! 

During the editing phase, my son would walk in and point to Harley and start clapping! Hahaha :) We go to church with the Herndon's, so JM and Harley are in nursey/sunday school together!  I reckon he thinks she's either doing a good job posing or that she's really cute :) 

Harley and Hank are precious kiddos! I love how Harley thinks Hank is her baby! She loves to hold him and give him lots and lots of kisses! I got a lot of sweet shots from there session, but only wanted to post a few.. check them out!






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