The Bostick Boys | Briggs turns ONE

August 23, 2016  •  1 Comment

I first met Briggs as a snuggly, little newborn. Capturing his tiny details as a baby to watching him grow into a toddler has been so much fun. I love when I get to watch my newborns grow into little humans with different personalities! 

You can definitely see Briggs' personality through these photos! He is a spunky, little guy who LOVES his Mama and LOVES to eat! :) Big brother, Bennett, LOVES his Mama, too, but she may be in the running with trains, if it came down to a competition!

Bennett is such a smart boy! He can literally list out almost all the railway transportation companies around the world. It is amazing! Most of them I had not even heard of, let alone knew what it was!

I just love those two Bostick boys and hope to capture all the exciting stages throughout their lives! :) 





Bonnie Glow(non-registered)
I am Bennett and Brigg's great grandmother. I can not believe how Caroline Horne, Photographer, captured the personality of each of our precious boys. You can see it in every awesome picture. Thank you Caroline.
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