The Sellers Family | Clayton turns 2

August 02, 2016  •  2 Comments

Funny story.. I may actually somehow be related to Clay and Kaitlyn Sellers. ;)

When Kaitlyn scheduled photos, I told my mother her name and she asked, " does she spell her last name"? Obviously, Sellers is my mother's mother's maiden name, so Mama thinks they may be relatives somewhere down the line. This should be no surprise to most of you that know my family. We tend to be related to many people around our area back home! (haha) 

Upon meeting Kaitlyn, I had no clue she was expecting her second child! She opened the door and it took me a few minutes to realize she was pregnant! Of course, we had to get a shot of that cute belly she's sporting! :) She is a super,  adorable mommy-to-be and you can tell it doesn't slow her down in her day to day routine! 

Little Clayton is a hoot! He reminds me of my little boy. He is adventurous and full of energy, not to mention unbelievably handsome! He already has a tan from being outside this summer, so that goes to show you how much he loves outside! Every time I would take a picture he would come over and say, "see it, see it?" Sooooo cute! How could I not let him see it, right?! :) 

Kaitlyn's husband, Clay, is such a nice guy and did so well with photos! No complaints came from him and he was ready to help out with scouting locations in their fields of farm land! He gave me a hard time by calling me Mrs. Caroline, since I am like 3 years older than him! It was a refreshing session to be able to laugh and spend time with this sweet family!

These two and their son made me feel so welcomed and at home as we rode through fields of soy beans and cotton! After the session, Kaitlyn and I agreed we would get together during the week days and let our sons meet. Since we both stay at home with our littles, it will be great for them to hang out while us Mama's talk about remodeling houses and such! ;) 



Tina Brinson Barfield.(non-registered)
Beautiful. Just Beautiful!!!!
Lisa Suber Carr(non-registered)
Absolutely beautiful photos of my niece, Kaitlyn and great nephew Clayton!! Clay is not to bad himself ;-)
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