The Griffin Boys | Levi, Micah & Garrett

July 15, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I got a phone call from LaDonna after a few emails back and forth to set up a session with her boys. As we were chatting, I told her how crazy things have been around my house with buying a new home and trying to pack, but also trying to get ready for our annual trip to Iowa and Canada. She told me they were looking for a home here, as well, and after talking we realized we were both interested in the same house! It's funny how the LORD works and puts people in your life!

Mitch and LaDonna, along with their 3 boys, moved back to Moultrie about a year or so ago from Thomaston, Georgia! If you are from Thomaston and are looking to buy a home here is a link to their home -- click here

I loved meeting their 3 sweet boys! Watching them enjoy running around and even swimming at the end of their session made for a fun afternoon! 

Levi is the oldest. He seemed to take care of the younger two and kept giving me ideas for poses :) Micah is the middle child and he is the sweetest little thing. Once he gets to know you he loves to talk and share all his happiness with you! Garrett is the baby boy and he is adorably cute, with those big blue eyes and blonde hair!

The UGA jon-jon was worn by each of the boys, which they were all photographed wearing close to the same age. We continued the tradition by getting a few images of Garrett in it, as well. You could tell that little Garrett wasn't used to all these South Ga gnats. Even though they aggravated him, he would laugh so hard at LaDonna tickling Mitch or vice versa! His laughter was so contagious and that smile just made the heat and gnats all worth it! 

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