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May 24, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Have I ever mentioned that I love my job? Well, I surely do!  I get to meet some of the coolest and most fun people, not to mention every now and then I get to reconnect with old friends!

I met Amanda in college and we attended the same college bible study for a while! Years later, during my pregnancy with John Michael I got to help her out with her sonography training (I believe that is the terminology??). My husband and I went to Valdosta and got to see our little man on an ultra sound machine. We were so excited to see our little guy and at that time we didn't know the gender! She suspected it was a boy, but she couldn't be sure since it was early on in my pregnancy! :) This girl got to be with my husband and I through such a special moment. She is a sweet. sweet gal and I am so happy she now has a little man of her own. 

Amanda and Greg make the perfect team. Their personalities are totally compatible! They sync so well and the addition of Greyson seems to make them a perfect little family. Greg is absolutely hilarious! I could always catch him in the background making funny faces and we would have to redo the pose! His silliness made Greyson and Amanda laugh continuously, so I would say it was a win for all!

Greyson is the sweetest little love bug that LOVES to eat! This boy probably ate a whole can of puffs during the session! Greyson turned ONE year old this month and is growing like a little weed! These are his first professional pictures taken since he was born. I would say he is a natural, wouldn't you agree?? He has the cutest, toothy, little grin that will make your heart flutter! 

I enjoyed getting to meet Greg and Greyson, as well as see Amanda again! 

ENJOY the pictures! 




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